Sunday, November 17

All nutty square measure potential carriers of Australian Bat animal virus (ABLV)

Queensland Health has issued a bat warning as six Wide Bay individuals needed treatment once being scraped or bitten within the past 3 weeks.

All nutty square measure potential carriers of Australian Bat animal virus (ABLV) and any bite or scratch from a bat poses a risk of infection, that is why solely trained and unsusceptible professionals ought to handle them.

Drought conditions and up to date bushfires across the state have compact on the habitats and food sources of nutty, that means wounded, sick or dead nutty are a lot of common.

Wide Bay Public Health MD Dr Margaret Young aforesaid in 2 of the recent cases requiring treatment, individuals picked up what they believed was a dead bat.

“It are often tough to work out if a bat is dead – Associate in Nursingd though they’re dead they still cause an infection risk to humans – significantly because of their wing claw,” Dr Young aforesaid.

“In 2 of our recent cases of bat injuries, the those who handled them thought the bat was dead and harmless, however in one case the bat wasn’t dead and within the alternative case the person was scraped by the wing claw.”

Dr Young aforesaid wing claw injuries may occur if people:

Kicked a dead bat
Picked up a dead bat to toss it during a bin or into bushes
Put the bat during a bag then brush the bag against their leg.
“These injuries square measure a timely reminder that the simplest protection against being exposed to ABLV is for members of the general public to continuously avoid handling any bat,” she said.

Anyone World Health Organization comes across Associate in Nursing wounded or probably dead bat ought to contact a bat care organisation or decision RSPCA1300 ANIMAL (1300 264625).

If the bat is visibly decaying and there’s little doubt it’s dead, then it are often removed employing a no-touch technique like device or a shovel, however individuals got to still be cautious of the risks related to the wing claw and it’s best to decision knowledgeable.

“If you’re somehow bitten, scratched, had your skin nibbled or had your secretion membranes or broken skin exposed to bat spit, then you must continuously request immediate medical assessment,” Dr Young aforesaid.

“This applies even to minor scratches or abrasions from a bat, with or while not hemorrhage, and though you were antecedently unsusceptible against zoonosis.

“As well as seeking immediate medical facilitate, it’s conjointly important to scrub the wound to scale back your risk by like a shot laundry the wound completely with soap and water for a minimum of 5 minutes, however ne’er scrub the wound.

“If on the market, Associate in Nursing antiseptic with anti-virus action like those containing iodine or alcohol ought to be applied once laundry.”

Anyone World Health Organization needs a lot of data ought to contact their native doctor or nearest public health unit, or the 13HEALTH data line (13 432584).