Sunday, November 17

Democrats packed themselves onto a jam-pawncked stage in the week

Happy Friday! nowadays is that the day I’m attending to challenge you to stretch those inventive muscles and enter our Halloween Health Care verse form Competition. Yes, it’s attending to be precisely as amazing because it sounds! The entries area unit already gushing in, explore the principles here. To kick things off, KHN’s terribly own proficient and good verse form master-in-residence Stephanie Stapleton wrote this one: “Goblins wear white coats, and not abundant is spookier, than the health system.”

Democrats packed themselves onto a jam-pawncked stage in the week for what already looks like the umptieth discussion however was solely the fourth or the sixth (depending if you count the two-nighters separately).

Going by the number of warmth she took, it looks safe to mention fractional monetary unit. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is taken into account by her rivals to be one amongst the race’s front-runners. thereupon spotlight, though, comes a target on her back.

South Bend civil authority Pete Buttigieg and fractional monetary unit. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) – United Nations agency area unit each vying to become the choice for former vp Joe Biden’s moderate voters – were notably sharp in their demands for Warren to reckon with the prices of “Medicare for All.” The question of however she would get hold of such an idea has been one she’s been managing to dodge.